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Date: October 10th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles


Dear Mom:

I just got your letter written on the 29th. I’m glad you saw that show (Going My Way) You certainly have been stepping around haven’t you. I’m glad to see that. I don’t want you sitting around the house. How is Mil now. All you said about her was that you were over with her when Leo went to the show. How about some “gen” eh kid. What do they do, give everyone a big welcome home. Brother, they really don’t need it. I’m telling you. Just to be back in Canada is enough. I have never seen so much wet cold weather in my life. Believe me I wouldn’t even mind 40 below in Canada now. You asked me to let you know when I went on ops. I will but it won’t be for a while. So Fraser is getting K.P. duty eh. I’ll bet he loves it. Get his address for me will you and I will be able to write him and give him a few tips on how to get out of work, as if he’ll need them. Slug is sure lucky all right. Boy he must have been a very sick boy. I have written Norma several times but never get a reply. Oh well I guess she will write me some day. You talk about me not writing. Boy she never writes. You were talking about the celebration we are going to have when I get home. Boy you ain’t kidding. That is going to be some party. We went into town last night and had a very good time. Saw a show, had a couple of beers and pedalled back 5 miles to camp. What we won’t do next. Well I had better go now.

Your loving son,

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Original Scans