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Date: August 21st 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles


Dear Mom:

Well here I am again. We lost our WAG today. He was put on charge for smoking on parade and so we will have to get another fellow. He was damn good too. How did the holidays go? I got another parcel of cigarettes from you but so far no more parcels. By the way, send a can opener. We have to open any we get with knives pokers etc. I hope you had a good time at grandma’s. I met a fellow here the other day whom I joined up with he is going home soon. He had to bail out and broke both his ankles. They are weak now so they are sending him back. We still haven’t got a picture of the crew so I guess that we will have to wait now until we get a new W.A.G. I still haven’t heard any more from Teeter. I wrote him and answered his letter so I guess he will answer soon. Is this ever a fine country. It is raining again. You know the rainy season. Maybe we will someday be able to find a place with only one rainy season. We call our mid-upper 5’2 of sunshine. What a kid. He celebrated his first year in the airforce yesterday and you thought I was fast. What a life! Boy have we got a good pilot. When he lands one of these crates you wouldn’t know you were on the ground. We have a good crew alright. Well I guess I will have to go on parade now. Joe is sitting there with his coat on waiting for me. Give my love to Norma etc. and say hello to any of the gang who are still around there. By the way tell Alec that I will write him soon. Please write soon and give me all the “gen.” Well Joe is still here waiting so I had better go. So long for now and please write soon. How is my mail coming through now.

Lots of love

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