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Date: May 23rd 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

P/O J.M. Styles
May 23/44

Dear Mom.

Well I had my first letter from Canada today. It was one Norma wrote on May 8. I still haven’t got any of yours. There is a holdup somewhere. Some of the fellows got about 10 letters at once. Others haven’t got any. I have one. It shure is hard to write a letter when you aren’t receiving any. You don’t know what’s going on. Norma said you had a swell time in Mtl. I’m glad! I met Godfrey [Vinn?] here yesterday and Jack Burns is also here. Old home week somewhere overseas. Some fun. All your letters will probably will catch up with me at the same time. What’s this I hear about Dot Wood getting married. Some fun eh? Tell me all the news will you. I still haven’t written Grandma yet. These forms are hellishly hard to get so if you could send me some I would like it. You better save a bit of money for August. Norma says she might get 3 weeks holidays. If she does you and her she (grammar correction) go to Midland. That’s an order. How is everybody there. I feel much better now that I have had a letter, even if it wasn’t from you, because now I know that everything is O.K. She said you got my cable and she phoned you. Some fun about the Styles mansion eh what? Did you hear about the two Scotchmen standing outside a pub after closing time. There was a terrific crash from within and a liquid started to trickle out under the door. The first Scotsman bent over and tasted it with his finger. “Black Horse?” asked the first. “No” said the second “Fox Terrier!” Boy are the theaters over here ever different than at home. You can smoke all the time. The other night we were at a stage show. A couple of women in the front row got up probably to look for the can forced by this English beer. The man who was on the stage at the time made them blush when he said “Ladies is the trip absolutely necessary?” Boy oh boy did we ever howl. Well I better toddle along and get into the mail lineup (pardon me queue) So long, lots of love and I hope I get some of your letters soon.

Your loving son

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