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Date: January 17th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles


Dear Mom,

Well, today I got a letter from you (or rather 3) one from Norma (the long one, those pictures oh boy!!) and one from Grandma. What a day! I don’t drink much now, one pint after every trip is all. Boy am I a good boy, pat me on the back. Those pictures are good except that they are all legs. That isn’t bad though. I showed them to Ted Gaffery a friend of mine and he said that you should send more of them. The room looks swell, it is really different, I hope I can see it soon. It must have been quite a job to do it!

Of course I have the same crew and we are on an RCAF station, practically all Canadians.

How is Mrs. Patterson, what was the operation, how about some details? So one of Bedores friends shook the old town rigid eh, must have been quite a show. Boy you should see some of the shows here. If you want to see a show, see a Spit, not a Harvard. That must have been quite a snow storm, really bags of it eh?

So Shorty is on the Rockcliffe eh, I haven’t heard from him yet! She (Mrs. Short) says she is lonely. What about all the other mothers? I don’t know when the rumour started but as far as I know Ken isn’t on his way or even going. But you know rumours.

Sure you are lonesome, so are about a million other mothers, chin up and I’ll be home before you know it.

Keep trying for the coat you will get it yet.

All my love
your loving son

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