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Date: January 12th 1945
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

426 Sqdn


Dear Mom:

Don’t get too much of a surprise, I know that I haven’t written for a week but I was on leave, you know, a holiday. After looking at the pictures, guess where I went. I am sending some extras. You have been crying for pictures and there they are. The extras are for Grandma, Edie, Norma etc. For heavens sake don’t let Grandma Styles see them or she will be telling me what a good Scotsman I would make. (Pardon the writing, no shaky table, writing on my trunk)

We had a swell leave, went to Glasgow (in Scotland you know) I went to see Mrs. Shaw on Sunday and she was very pleased to see me. Tell Margaret that she was asking for her. That was my first trip to Scotland and it was swell. The people are swell.

I went up with our Mid-upper “Brad” who also went to see his friends. We didn’t get out to Hamilton but maybe next time. We weren’t drunk when we had our pictures taken. I know that you will think so but so help me we weren’t. We spent a very quiet leave, I only had 3 (THREE) pints (or maybe four but no more) in a week, but we still had fun. “Brad” doesn’t need any drinks, he is crazy enough as it is.

Saw a few good pictures, saw the town, slept till noon everyday, what a leave.

Any favourable comments about the pictures will be welcome, however even though they aren’t  so good no unfavourable ones, they will not be welcome. (Conceited ain’t I)

Well today we got back and I received five letters and a Christmas card from you including your newspaper from the 26th which I am going to answer now. (I hope)

Starting with your letter on the 26th here goes. (This is going to be quite a job). You say Xmas is over again (first line, opening sentence) ain’t that strange!! Glad you had a good time. Too bad you had to eat all alone (with the sister I mean,) but maybe next time I can brighten the party a bit.

I wish I had seen you running around on Saturday morning. It must have been quite a sight. I’m glad you liked the snaps, I was afraid you wouldn’t get them. You like the crew eh, so do I, hope you can meet them sometime, they are a swell bunch of fellows. By the way Joe’s number for the interested parties is J35641 F/O J.P. Talocka and he says that he will answer all fan mail personally. Seriously if you or anyone else write him for heavens sake no mush.

How is Mil now? I hope she is better. You must have had a lovely crying spell on Xmas, lovely way to spend Xmas I must say. What a life. I’m glad Mr. Woodhouse got my letter thanking him for his stuff.

You say that you hoped that I would have a nice Xmas. What a Xmas. We weren’t on our own station for one thing and we were grounded at another (an Australian sqdn) for five days barely getting back for New Years. What a life!! However the Aussies were swell to us and we had a swell time or as good a time as could be expected. So much  for that letter, I will answer Norma’s as soon as I get her present address. (HINT! HINT!)

Now for your letter of the 29th. You say you laughed about our letter to Hollywood, well so did we when we sobered up. I still haven’t got the bottle yet but it might be in the post office, since it was closed when we got there. Yes I got the letter  from Norma’s girlfriend in the case. It was quite a surprise. I’m mad as hell about those chocolates but I guess I can’t do anything. Tell Berna thanks for me anyway.

On to the first of Jan. letter. Send those pictures in a hurry if they turn out will you. I want to see the room Norma has been raving about. I haven’t got Norma’s long envelope yet but I hope I do soon. Glad you had a good time at Tilts old girl. That’s more like it.

So onto yours of the 3rd. If you see Ross, say hello for me will you. Hope Cliff doesn’t move too far. I am near our old station here so might run over sometime and see some of the fellows.

You wish I could be home by summer, so do I. Keep your fingers crossed and for heavens sake try not to be lonely. I want you to be happy. Well this is quite an effort for me. Write soon and tell me what you think of the pictures.

Your loving son

P.S. Effort as used above means that for me it is wonderful, not to be confused  with Websters meaning.

P.P.S. Sending pictures in two lots just in case.

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Original Scans