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Date: November 12th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

1666 C.U.

Dear Mom:

Well here I am again. I have been waiting for a letter from you so that I could answer it but so far I haven’t got one. We went on 5 days leave and I was hoping that you would have written me a letter which I could get when I got back, but no dice. There has been a lot of mail coming in here but none for me. Why?? I got a parcel from grandma two days ago but didn’t even open it yet. Right now I would much rather have a letter than a parcel. We took some pictures on leave, but haven’t got any copies yet. When we do and when I get a letter I will send them to you. We had a very good leave in Manchester (the rainy city) It is quite a city. We saw a few shows, went to a dance and, and, went to a few pubs. Not many pubs you understand, but a few. Then we came back to fly again. Some fun. I think that I have had more leave in this country than I would ever get over there, but I would sure love to have some there sometime soon. However I guess I will have to wait until this is over. I haven’t heard from Teeter lately but I hope to soon, I’ll write him today because I think that I owe him a letter. I hope the pictures turn out. We took some more today of the crew, (the whole crew) and are praying that they will be all right.

Did I tell you about our engineer, he is an English fellow, and very keen. He knows the Halifax inside and out, really a very good fellow for the job. His name is Graham Needham, I am going to give you his number soon, when I get it and you can try to send him cigs. By the way, I haven’t got any cigs for quite a while now. Try to send a thousand next time will you? Well I guess that I had better soon sign off. Please write soon I haven’t had any mail from anyone for a couple of weeks now. Well solong for now, lots of love

Your loving son

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Original Scans