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Date: October 8th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles


Dear Mom:

Well here is your son Flying Officer Styles writing again (that sounds nice doesn’t it) Still disgusted with your homeland. What a country. As far as heating goes they haven’t got a clue. They stick a little stove in a huge room and everyone freezes. Then when they have a very small room they stick a huge stove in it and everyone sweats. Boy oh boy they haven’t got a clue. Back at school again. What a time. Always in school. We were on a twelve mile walk the other day and were talking to some of the natives around here. What an accent. They weren’t exaggerating in Lassie Come Home. It is actually worse. You said you were going to see Bing in “Going My Way” I saw it in London when on leave and it was very good. I hope you saw it. I got a letter from grandma today together with yours of the 25/9/44 with the clippings I haven’t got your parcel yet but I hope to soon. I told you twice that I got both batches of pictures and that they all were good but you mustn’t have gotten the letter yet. However you probably will soon. I haven’t got any crew pictures yet, only one of myself standing in front of Buckingham Palace so I will wait until I get more before I send them to you. Did I tell you that the mine Joe was working in was Malartic? He use to play ball at East Malartic. How is the money coming through over there? OK. I hope. I also hope that you aren’t putting it all in the bank but that you are using some for yourself. In fact quite a bit for yourself. Well, I had better go now, will write again soon. Please write often

Your loving son

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Original Scans