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Date: October 2nd 1944
Sister - (Norma Styles)
Jack Styles


Dear Sis.

I just finished writing mom, I told her I would not write you, since you had not written me. However I have repented to some extent and as you see I am writing you, or can you see it. How is everything going. I understand you had quite a lot of fun on your holidays. More power to you. All you can do in this country is go out and get drunk. We had a leave last week in London and had quite a time. You walk along the street dodging the Piccadilly commandos (Eng. type of lower class of Montreal so and so girl) Boy are they thick around there. They charge anything from £2 (9 bucks) to £5 (about $22.50) Some girls. You should see some of them. The Montreal girls would make them look sick. What a country. I won sixteen quid the other night in a crap game and bought a bike the next day for nine quid. What a life, you can’t win. Say hello to everyone for me will you. By the way, the address on the back of this is changed. I changed it on mom’s letter but ten to one she won’t notice it or if she does will think I made a mistake, these women you know (what am I saying!!). As usual my letter is very newsy, I would like to tell you this, and would like to tell you that, but I can’t so what am I to tell you. However your letters aren’t liable to censor, so why not break down and give the kid brother a break eh?? Well I guess I had better go to bed now. Solong for now [word crossed out] (oh what I said!)

Your brother

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Original Scans