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Date: July 16th 1944
Mom - (Jessie Styles)
Jack Styles

J 42042
July 16/44

Dear Mom:

Well here we are again. About those flying bombs, don’t worry we never see them. We are on a beautiful station now. The hut I’m in is about 2 miles from water, except what’s in the mud, but then you can’t wash in that can you. We have a swell crew here Pilot - Joe Talocka (Polish origin) - Nav. yours truly, Bomber Chuck (oh hell I never can remember his last name) Wag - John Davis, Air Gunner Al (Major) Bradley, and “Nookie” Chisamore. As far as flying goes, don’t worry, we are the best crew around (so we claim) Seriously, the pilot is an F/O who has been flying for quite a while and knows everybody’s job. He’s better in some parts of nav. than I am. They told me that I am an above average nav. (Please quit laughing, I’m serious) Chuck is an F/O too and the Wag and A. G’s are sergeants. I got Grandma’s parcel at last, and also another from her, registered, containing a wrist plate with name and all that guff. It is swell. I still haven’t got any cig’s or any of your parcels but they will get here soon. I got Shirley’s and Norma’s letter today, written on the first of July, that is very good eh. How is my mail coming through? Pardon the writing but this table is as shakey as hell. Send those picture you took at Gerts along as soon as possible will you sweetheart. Well I have some more letters to write, Norma, Grandma, Edie, and Shirley. Some fun eh. I got 3 Chronicles the other day. Sure is good to read them. Well so long for now.

Your loving son

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