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Date: November 18th 1943
Winton George Steel (brother)

A.C.2 Steel, W.G.
M.P.O. 303, R.C.A.F.,
Trenton Airport,
Trenton, Ont.

Nov, 18, 1943

Dear Whill,

Your most excellent letter of Nov. 16th arrived this noon and I am, amid several interruptions from N.C.O's, endeavouring to give you the highlights of the news up your arm.

In a day or two I am being posted to A.O.S. Chatham, N.B.; as a G.D. We had some postings force don us and we were allowed some choice. Of the I considered there "Y" Depot Halifax, I.T.S., Victoriaville and the one I chose. So I guess it will be a while till I see you. Maybe I'll still be in Chatham when you get there.

Unless I get on course, I shall very probably spend some "48s" and Christmas home.

Your description of B&G sounds very interesting, I shall be glad to be kept posted as to your progress. Am I to understand from your letter that you're required to make practise jumps with parachutes?

No doubt you will enjoy playing in the gun turrets. UP YER ARM. It is too bad we were not the same medical category. It would have been most enjoyable to have been able to go through aircrew with you. Possible the "baws" on the C.S.B.S. require close scrutiny in action.

You seem to have gotten quite a kick out of the last hours of a certain Queen who failed to properly carry out a mission.

Things go on as usual here. Nobody I know very well is going to Chatham with me. My teeth are finished and were cleaned and the fillings polished (not with silver, either) the other day. I'll get partials at Chatham.

Pardon my absence just now; I have been rudely thrashed around and informed that I am leaving tomorrow.

I have made my last effort of my own accord to get back to aircrew. My records prove that I can get my wings, which is more than they know about many of their aircrew entries. If they don't want me; up their arm. It is not my fault that the Air Force doesn't place me where I can do the most damage.

We have till 4p.m. to pack and get ready for root inspection. We leave tomorrow at noon.

Cohen, the engineer tried to go on the Chatham draft with me but they fixed that. So he's staying here and he claims he's going to remain horizontal for the duration in his bunk

Well, I'll get cracking now. Sorry I couldn't see you again. Take care of yourselfe I'll write from ye New Brunswick.

Yer bro,


P.S. I got a good laugh out of your P.S. (How'd ya like ta laugh at this?)

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