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Date: November 29th 1918

[Pass/Route Letter: handwritten form content has been italicised and underlined]

Form A.G. 10409.



No. 2446   Rank Pte   Name McLeish, W.M.   Regiment 20th Reserve
Overseas Unit 13 Battn
has permission to proceed on [“SICK” blacked out] FURLOUGH
from 30th Nover   1918 to Seven p.m. 30 Jan’y   19189.
for the purpose of proceeding to Edinburgh

One the expiration of Furlough he will report to 20th Reserve
Depot Orderly Room at Bramshott   Category _________
Station [?]
Date 29 Nov/18.
Hospital Representative.


[back side]
Passes and Route Letter:

  1. If you lose this Route Letter or your Pass you forfeit the balance of your leave and must immediately report to your Depot or Unit, R-0/6.                                                                      
  2. When evacuated from Hospital and granted Sick Furlough, if staying in London more than twenty four hours, soldier must report to 3 Southampton Street, Strand, and have his Route Letter and Pass vised. Failure to do so will render him liable to arrest by the Military Police for disobedience to orders, R-O/1510.
  3. Application for extension of leave due to illness must be addressed to the Officer Commanding the Depot or Unit to which you are to report and must be accompanied by a medical certificate from an M.O. or Doctor.
  4. Overstaying Furlough will render you liable to be placed on restricted pay – D0-4-AG-22-1-4.
  5. Railway Warrants (Travelling)
    You must travel by the shortest and most direct route to your destination.
  6. Stating a false destination for the purpose of obtaining leave and staying at an intermediate point renders you liable to be returned immediately to your Depot or Unit. R0-2620-8)10(17.
  7. If you lose your Warrant you may obtain another from the R.T.O., but you will be
    charged up with its value. (D. of S.&.T. regulation).
  8. Pay:- If you lose your money report yourself at once to the A.P.M.
  9. Dress:- Trench Patches (Shoulder Badges, Cloth) of Units in France must not be worn. R0 2156-2-8-17.
  10. Sickness:- If you contract Veneral Disease, if in London, report at once to 3 Southampton Street, Strand, where you will be given treatment, if elsewhere, report to the nearest Military Hospital.         
  11. If you go sick while on furlough, you will find instructions as to what to do on the back of your pass.
  12. Allowance in lieu of rations for the period of furlough will be credited to you as per following scale.
          Warrant Officers 4s. per day.
          All other ranks 3s.      "    "  .

On publication of your having proceeded on furlough in Part II Orders of your Unit.

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