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Date: January 25th 1917
Mother - (Albertina Anderson)
Henry Anderson

Jan. 25th/17

Dearest Ma :-

Well here I am again writing home, and tomorrow is my birthday again if I remember right, am beginning to feel it now, 25 years, they sure have passed in a hurry.

Received a letter from Lilly, dated Dec. 30th and she was telling me of all the presents she got and that you all had a good time.

Lilly was saying that you wanted to know if I was bald headed yet. Well no, not quiet, but my hair is getting awfully thin, I guess it must be the worrying I’m doing and wearing that steel helmet. When I go on leave to England I’ll have to get my photo taken for you.      

And the boys are back from the parrie now, do they still come down and visit you as often as when I was home?

Well I didn’t do so bad for Xmas I got a few parcels, I just forgot wether I told you I got the mitts O.K. and they are fine, and thanks very much for the parcel, had another from the people in Ontario a fine nice big cake, a pair of socks, h’dkr’s, Etc. and another from Edith M. from New Westminister another pair of mitts, chocolates, h’dker’s, some class Eh!

The weather has been a little cold lately, and I felt it a little when I was in the trenches. We are out for a little rest again, the sun shines during the day but still keeps cold. You might add No.4 coy. to my address, as the old gun section is broke up and we in the different company’s.

Will close for this time hoping this finds you in good health, as it leaves me.

As Ever
Your Loving Son

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