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Date: April 15th 1917

Somewhere in France,
April 15th 1917

Dear Aunt Becca;-

I received your very welcome letter of March 18th yesterday. We have just came out of the line after being in [censored]. We chased Fritz off the ground that we held all winter and I think we have got him pretty well on the run now. We are out for a rest now but I don't know how long for. I will have more time to write now. I have got ten to answer so that will keep me busy for a while. We had a good bath at a coal mine this afternoon and a clean change of under wear and we feel a lot better. You want to know if I am troubled with lice too. Well! I don't know which is the worst the war or the lice. When we are in the trenches what little time we get to sleep the lice won't let us and I get cold by twisting around and scratching. We were paid thirty Franc today but that is only six dollars and that is all we get a month out here. I hear from Ralph about every two weeks. The last letter I got from him he was in the hospital with the measles but he said that he was getting better and expected to go out soon. I haven't seen or heard anything of Earl for about three months but I expect to see him soon and I will try and find Wendel. Think I have received all the parcels except about the first three that Mother sent. I enjoy the parcels very much especially the cake & fudge. I don't think I need any clothes now unless it is a light pair of leather gloves. I haven't received any paper except some slips that you send in the letters. I will have to close for this time as it is getting late.

From Your Loving Nephew,