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Date: June 15th 1917
Richard May


On May 18th Pte. Richard May wrote to his sister Margaret as follows:

I hope this finds you all well as it leaves me. I received your letter while I was in - but I had nothing to write with until to-day when I borrowed some writing material from a friend. I got your Easter box all right and enjoyed the eggs although they were three weeks late. I had all the better appetite for waiting so long. We are having summer weather now and it is a lot warmer and drier than it was, Cheer up and look on the sunny side for I do not think that I will be in the trenches next winter, for this war is going to stop quicker than it started. You asked if I have heard from Melville. I get a letter from him now and again, but I guess he is in the same fix as I am myself and has not much time for writing. Well it is time to go to work, so good-bye for now.
Your loving brother,
814712 A. Co. 87th Battery, France..