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Date: May 26th 1945
Helen Gerard - (Seymour's sister)
Cpl. J. Pennington

May 26/45

Dear Helen:-

Well here's that man again with a few more lines to say hello and how are you. Oh yes, and I hope you are not working too hard.

At last I am back where we can at least speak to the civilians without a five year sentence looking you in the face. For the time being I am having a little rest in a hospital at Nijmegen. It is not a bad city but it took quite a beating. All through the winter I was stationed about 30 miles from here in small village and it was while living there that I thanked my stars, my home was in Canada. The people have no culture and are so far behind in their ways. I think you will see quite a change take place over here.

I have been trying to find out where Sim's outfit is. It should be around here somewhere. I wrote him last night so might see him one of these days.

We have had some real weather here of late. Makes me wish I was home on the golf course. Have you ever played the game?

Well here I am coming near the end of the line so will close off for now. Waiting and hoping I hear from you soon.

Bye for now

P.S. Sorry I have no stamps

Cpl. Pennington J.

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