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Date: April 17th 1917
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Georgina Reilly

Reader Bio
Georgina Reilly was born in Surry, England, is a Canadian film and television actress, best known to date for her roles in the films Pontypool and This Movie Is Broken, the television series The L.A. Complex, the CBC Radio drama series Trust Inc., and as for her role as Dr. Emily Grace on Murdoch Mysteries.

Gimli man
April 17 1917

My Darling Boy

Oh how will I commence this letter Dearest Archie as we are all thinking of you and pray for your Recovery and that you will be able to come Back to us again Dearest Boy of mine your Father got a Letter Gram saying you were Seriously ill and woundid. Oh how wee all felt sad but we hope for the best and as I sayed before Pray to God you will be spared us. Your Father is so anysious about you as we all are. Oh If we could only be near you and help to nurse you my own Darling Boy. And all your Friends and it seems every body here is your Friend as the whole Town seems anysious about you and Exspress their Regretts. If only we could be sure this and other letters could reach you and we could feel we could do some thing for you my own Darling Boy. We are all pretty well at home here but all thinking of you. Now the Boys in the 223 Battalion are Exspected to go any day now Mr & Mrs Tergisen and Inga & Joe are going to bid them good By and your Sister Margyet is going to Teach in Ingas Place so Inga can go but Margyet does not like to Teach Galicians she has found that out. Old Mrs Saff said she had just been sick when she herd you were wounded and so were others. Im not going to say much about you my self but there is one thing. I want to be worthy to be a mother of a brave Soldier Boy. Oh how Proud we all are of you my own Brave Boy. I have had letters from Miss Denn[?] at aunties and Mrs Flint Mr & Mrs HadKinsson and Josie Bonnie and so many phones all cheering me in the Hope I will get you Back my Darling Archie (that name is sweet to me) [?] and uncle and Johanna are staying with us at Present but Do not know how long they will be here. Uncle has some Jobs of fence Paintings in town here he has fixed Terg[?] Store Just fine Every body Admire it what do you think Hanne Kristjanson is married to Ella Magnusson they got married last Sunday and Albert his Brother came down and married them Gumbi and Jona Arason askst them they were married at Johan[?] Freemans Benidikt Freemans is getting better. Mundi Johnson and his wife are moving to [?] (I mean the Barber) and Asbjorn [?]is renting his house Maud Bristan that was has bought HadKinsson house and will move in there soon. Well my Darling Boy I cant thinking much news for this letter as I can only think of you Im going to send Mrs Flints letter to you for you to read so as to make this feel more like a letter all the children are standing around me while In writing this to you. God be with you and I Pray him to spere you if it his Blessed will that I might Clasp you again in my arms

your own Loving mother