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Date: November 24th 1918


My Dear Mother:-

I fared fairly well yesterday for, in addition to your letter of Nov 4th, a card from Nellie and a letter from Lipton, I got a very nice parcel from Regina. I am looking out for those apples you sent for one of the boys in the O.R. got a parcel of apples the other day and the taste of them still lingers. The poor imitations we get in this country at about 6d each are not very tempting.

I am afraid I am not due to be at that Xmas table this year but we can surely count on the next. Demobilization is going to be a big task but I think I should be back in Canada by next June at the very latest. It is not settled yet as to whether all casualties are to return to France. Mac and I were both on Draft but I was taken off as I work in the O Room. Mac is away just now on three days draft leave.

I want you to send me 25$ as soon as you can for my funds are low again. Send it in a Registered Letter and mail it to me at the Depot Orderly Room. I also think I will purchase some civilian attire here so I may need more coin later on.

The weather has been nice lately. No rain and bright warm days. The 'Flu epidemic is well over and [the] YMCA's, clubs, [and] picture shows are open again. You must have had quite a spell in Canada also. I was down to Seaford with some of the Creelman boys who are around this camp.

Have been kept rather busy lately with me coming in and going out. The G2 [?] men left for Canada last week.

I should get a few days leave soon and I think I'll go up and see Fred C. if he is still in the country. Well, I'll close now. Yours with love


Send me a money order and add in


Depot Orderly Room

C. M. G. Depot

Seaford, Eng.

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