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Date: September 12th 1918



My Dear Nellie:-

Well, little girl, your soldier brother is in England at the 4th Can. Gen. Hospital at Basingstoke, a small town about twenty miles or so from London. Its certainly a fine institution altho' at the present time very much crowded. I left Camiers about five o'clock Tuesday morning and came via Calais to Dover. I was very glad to get here for my old friend MacCormac, who injured his ankle on July 1st , has been here ever since. He is around now and we will be able to get out together in a few days. I was up and around today for the first time in ten days and feel fine. My leg is a trifle stiff yet but the wound is practically all healed and I do not imagine I will be here very long. From here they send us to a Convalescence Camp at Epsom or Bexhill for about six weeks and then to a Casualty Depot for about the same time and then back to Seaford. I will be glad to see France for after about a week's rest this country is "no han[?]". I guess I haven't had enough of the sordidness but after I get another ‘blighty' perhaps I'll be quite content to stay here.

How are you getting along? Did you get my letter from Camiers? Send me some small boxes. Send nothing but cigarettes, chocolate or toffee and make the boxes as small as you can for my address will be changing quite often.



Lower "C" Ward

4th Can. Gen. Hospital



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Original Scans