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[undated fragment]

...Battery and we have a fairly good billet. The worst part of it is sleeping on the hard floor. It is not as comfortable as the straw we had in our last home. This afternoon I was at the contests in the Elimination series for Canadian Championships. I ran in the three mile and altho' I haven't trained at all since leaving Seaford [I] managed to make fourth quite easily. The semi-finals are run on Wednesday and if I can place myself there the championships are run on July 1st. I am afraid Weds. will see my end. Ten men started today and one of our Brigade won easily in 17.00 minutes. I was in, in about 18.30 but I have run three miles in 17.20 at Seaford. I am sorry I haven't been training but I really knew nothing of the events until two days ago.

Fine weather continues. It is terribly dusty here and windy. How is everyone at home? I suppose you have Nellie with you now. Well I think I had better close. This is a fine pencil you sent me and it was very welcome as they are hard to get. Note my new address, "E" Battery; 2nd Can. Motor M.G. Brigade; B.E.F.; France. With love


F. C. Cousins.