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Date: July 7th 1918

Sunday July 7 1918

My Dear Mother:-

Today has been a rather listless, uninteresting day but before I go out for an evening stroll I will write you a few lines. The past week has slipped by, it seems such a short time since arrived in France and now it is almost four months ago. This morning before Church service we moved from the old hall in which we were billeted to another billet further down in the town in the grounds of an old chateau. Our residence will, I think, be more suitable as it is provided with bunks. Altho' they are made of corrugated iron it will be better sleeping in them than on the floor. I spent this afternoon reading altho' it is very hard here to get any good reading material. I was also up and had a talk with Reid whom I don't see so often now that we are in different batteries.

Yesterday our battery was out on a tactical scheme. We travelled in motor lorries and I can assure you it is a vast improvement on the former method of marching. The scheme itself did not occupy long, the trip going and coming home occupied the major portion of the day. I think the main idea was to accustom us with the promptest method of getting into action. Just now the peasants are busy with the harvest. Quite a bit of the haying has been done and some fields of rye cut.

I have been feeling much better, the last few days. I have a little energy once again. For a few days I didn't care much what happened. We haven't heard yet how badly MacCormac hurt his feet but he will likely write one of us as soon as he gets located in England.

I got a small box, some writing paper & envelopes, soap and a few candies, from Nellie yesterday. There should be a Canadian mail in a few days now. Trust you are all well. With very best wishes, I am, with love



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