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Date: May 30th 1918

France 30/5/16(sic)

My Dear Nellie:-

Just a line or two to show that I am still alive and haven't forgotten you. I am in a letter writing mood tonight so will keep right at the pencil. Have completed another regular day's work and am now peacefully reclining in the billet propped up against my worldly possessions. We are still in the same village and about the only excitement is a visit occasionally by a Fritzie bombing crew. They were across last night and dropped a few around but did no damage. Things are going on as usual. The weather has been hot but ideal for baseball. We have a game quite often. I am in with the Company team but not fast enough for the Brigade nine which are showing up very good. My arm bothers me quite a bit.

I suppose you are pretty well through your work for this term. The exams will be the event now to anticipate.

Well, must close. Will write more in my next letter.



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Original Scans