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Date: February 10th 1918

Feb 10th. 1918.

My Dear Nellie:-

I am out of writing paper of my own so I am using some that is donated to all penniless waifs like me. To receive your letter was a relief. My first mail from home for five weeks. I thought you had forgotten me entirely. When the parcels arrive I will think you are the dearest thing alive.

Have been out of sorts today. Yesterday morning we were inoculated and my chest has been rather sore. It also makes a person rather sick and gives you a depressed feeling. I also got letters today from Aunt Lizzie & from a girlie in Regina.

Our course is through next week. Then a week or two to get ready for France. We will just be in time for the big show this Spring and it will undoubtably be the biggest so far. So Jack Charles is back in France. We have played the 7th Res. twice in basket-ball. They are the Training Depot for the Princess Pats.

You inquire about teaching in the West. It all depends on the taste. For myself I wouldn't teach in Ontario for $2000 a year. You should get an assistant Principalship in a town school. In Reid's school at Caraduff they paid $3000, I mind Miss Smith got $850. Junior teachers in Collegiates get from $800 to $1200. The best openings are in Sask. I think and teachers are scarce just now and wages going up. The job I was offered in Prince Albert at $1250 is open again at $1600 according to the last Free Press. The Can. Teachers Agency at Regina will locate you.

Well, I will write you again in a few days. Best wishes from


#2233344 F. C. Cousins
No. 1 Co. C. M. G. D.
Seaford Sussex

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