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Date: November 20th 1916

Royal Flying Corps,
No 4 Reserve Squadron


My Dear Mother,

As you see I have again changed my quarters. Last time I wrote I think I was living in Oxford, at the Randolph Hotel. I had a very pleasant week of it there, had a splendid rest, as I did not attend very many parades and had splendid things to eat, which was THE big thing.

Friday night about 11.30 I got orders to report out here following day, leaving Oxford at noon. So I spent a busy morning Saturday, rushing about saying goodbye to my friends. It is surprising how many people one does meet, and especially the last week when I wasn't so busy. Then I had to pack up my things and have all ready by 12 noon. We had a fierce trip out here. The authorities, as usual, messed things up at the last minute, and by changing our course, made us miss our connections and nearly lose our way in the country. As it was we had to wander about the country in the rain and finally had tea in a farmhouse, far from anywhere. Later we were picked up by a motor which had been sent to meet us. We did arrive finally at our aerodrome about 6 P.M. or later.

Until I see the place under favourable conditions I shall not express an opinion, but at present it is one awful place. The whole aerodrome is under about 3 inches of mud and water, it has been raining for nearly a week, and there are young rivers running across the road at stated intervals. I have spent what time I have been here in gum boots and an old pair of breeches.

Of course I must admit I haven't been here much, for I go to town whenever possible. There is a car into town about every twenty minutes and it just takes about half an hour, so you bet I don't perish in the mud with London so close at hand.

I have seen the hangers and the machines and they look pretty good to me. So far we have had no decent weather for flying but the weather seems to be clearing up tonight, and things look good for tomorrow. We may have a flip in the morning as they generally like to send us up at 7 A.M.

I was in a hurry to get into town to?night so I put your letter in my pocket. I have just finished my dinner, and a good one it was too. My coffee is just cooling so I will drink it now and get home. It is such a treat to get into town and have decent things to eat and decent music.

I must close now and get this off for the boat goes to?morrow. Last I heard from Alf he was quite well and I hope looking after his cold.

Lots of love for Father, lots for Alf and heaps for self.

Loving son

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