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Date: October 11th 1917

Regina 10/11/17

My Dear Mother:-

Now that I'm back at drill again, I can't even find time to write letters but this is Saturday afternoon and with nothing to do for four or five hours I should manage to write a few. This has been a usual week and it has been a very lazy one for us cyclists. We certainly can't complain of over-work. Reveille goes at 6 o'clock now but one never gets up until seven, just in time to get breakfast. Then we have two hours to shave, wash and clean up. From 9 - 11:30 we have Physical Training & Drill. Then nothing to do until 2:00 in the afternoon and then Light Drill 'till 4:30. Fatigues also are scarce, I just had one day to put in, in the Kitchen this week. It is too easy to be [the] real soldier's life and the discipline is far too slack. The slackers and "lazy-ginks" get away with too much. I, myself, am feeling more alive since I came back on drill and am gaining in weight again.

We expect to leave about Wednesday and I think our turn has come at last. We are to be ready to entrain on Wed. but there is no definite word as to when we are going. It may be just East for the Winter. They want to get us out of here to make room for the Drafts coming in shortly. On Monday night we are having a "Banquet" and all preparations are made for our departure. If we go to England we will just be in time for the Spring offensive and the way things are looking we'll all be needed.

Well, I must close for now. If we do leave I will wire you on Wed. or Thur. and then if you want to write me address me to

#2233344 Pte. F. C. Cousins
3rd Division Cyclists
Army P.O.
London, Eng.

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