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Date: April 21st 1912

Toronto April 21/12

My Dear Sister:-

Received your letter and guess I will write to you now. Well, Nellie, work and I have signed a peace agreement valid 'till May 21st. Have not been out of the house at night since I came back except last night I went out, visited a nickel theatre, dancing hall etc. but don't let anybody know. Sorry you failed in Algebra at Christmas. However, you [can] fix that up alright in June. Our first exam was last Monday on Prac. Physics. I did fairly well in it I think. On Tuesday we have French and I think I will review a little this après-midi. The hard ones - the Mathematics - start a week from Wednesday. You had better buy your Physics book in London as I do not know what notes you want. My, but it is delightful to study all the time, the only recreation is a little ball game every afternoon. However, I want to get through the exams and not spoil a year. However, I had better cut this bosh and tell you some news. This morning went to church and heard a good sermon on the loss of the Titanic. It certainly was a terrible catastrophe.

It is a grand day out and I thought about going over to the island but guess will postpone it for a while. How is Andy Kirk coming along [?]. I wasn't fortunate enough to see Miss MacKenzie when I was in Belmont. You may remember me to her however. Well, Nellie, I guess this will do this time. How is Aggie [?]. Tell her I will write her sometime soon. You be sure and write soon and study hard.



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