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Date: February 11th 1917

675928 B.E.F.
2nd Batt. Canadians
C/O Army P.O. London

Sunday 11/2/17

My Own Darling Wifey,

Just a line to let you know I am still here at East Sandling & I received my birthday parcel safely dearest & thank you very much my love. It arrived in a very battered condition & the potted meat was coming out at one corner & the butter was all over everything, but I think everything was there my love, there was a box of Oxo cubes, a currant bun, a loaf of brown bread, some butter & patted meat & a sausage. Was that everything my darling? Gee! I'll have a great supper tonight. I have been eating all day. You see my darling I had a big surprise yesterday, in the morning I received a telegram saying that Mother & Daddy would be down in the afternoon & sure enough when I went down to the 1:25 pm train here they were just arrived. I cannot say how delighted I was to see them, but how I did wish you my darling had been with them, if you had only been to Reading darling eh? Well. I had to obtain permission to go to the station & meet them as we are C.B.'s & cannot leave camp on any account as we are likely to be called out anytime everything is in readiness & our packs are all ready. So I took them back to the hut & spent the afternoon & they had each a bowl of tea & some jelly (part of our supper) & the tea was so rank that neither of them could drink it, but it was a novelty for them anyway. I took them for a little walk round camp but the G.M.P. said they wer'nt allowed without a pass so we returned to the hut. After supper I went to the Sergent Major & asked if I could go out of camp & he gave me permission & Daddy said he'd better see about his train back first & here when we enquired & found that their last train went at 5:25 pm, so they only had a few minutes to get their tickets & I didn't get my outing, but darling it seemed good to see them. Evie was coming too, but she couldn't get off. Mother bought me a big box of goodies & a box of choc's from the children & a birthday card from Grandma Wynn. But Oh! my pet I'd have given worlds to have seen you my sweetheart. It would have made me felt terrible bad after you had gone, but oh! my love I Just would have loved to have a hug & a kiss from you my sweetheart, something to cheer & encourage me poor Mother was so broken up about it, but darling-one be brave & pray for me, Ill take care my love & I'll write you every day my sweetheart even if its just a card. I gave Daddy my watch to keep for me as I might loose it or it'll get broken. So please my darling don't you worry just trust in Providence. I know its terribly hard but I may even now never see the trenches, so as long as I'm well sweet one don't worry & if anything goes wrong there I'll let you know my love.

Now darling you know all letters are censored over there & so be careful what you say to me or I may never get your letters & that would be terrible for me. I have not had one from you since Thursday & I do hope I'll get one before I go. Now darling I have a code figured out so that I can give you a lot of news without being censored. Daddy & I figured it out & I'll try & explain it to you. The code works on my number 675928. You start reading my letter & you take the 6th word (not including "My Own Darling Kitty") now from that you take the first letter. Then from the 6th word you'll count 7, the take the first letter of that word. then from that count 5 words & take the first letter again & so on till you have the whole number then start over again all through the letter. Now if you see one kiss only at the end of the letter look for something & pick out the letters as I explained, if I put 2 kisses instead of taking the letter take the whole word. Of course dearest you'll need to put the letters on paper & make sense of them afterwards Now I won't have something private to tell you everytime, but I can tell you where I am & what I've been doing so you wont worry. So if I don't put any kisses on the end or if I put a whole lot you'll know there is nothing to hunt for. Do you understand me dearest? Don' t say anything about it when you answer. If you can't make out my message just say that your ear aches is very bad again & if you get it O.K. say your ear ache is well again. Oh! & don't lose that Military Will I sent you on any account as, as long as you've got that you can claim all my back pay & personal belongings, but then you'll never need it I hope.

How's my little darling, How I would love to take her in my arms again & hear her say DADADA & Oh! my pet what would I give for a wee hug from you my pet & those sweet lips to mine once more.

But then dearest its not in our hands, & I have only my self to blame for being here now, but it can't be helped now & I must grin & bear it. But as long as I know you'll be brave & keep up heart & not worry my love I'll be all right. I'll soon be back & take you to my heart again.

Well my pet I'll close now. Give Mother & Dad & Maggie & Little Sonny my best love & accept my devoted love & kisses to you sweet self & my little pet. With heaps of love.

I am Ever your own darling hubby

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Original Scans