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Date: November 12th 1918
Milly Broome
Father (S. Huxter)

121 Brookmill Rd
St. John's S.E. 8
Nov 12th 1918

My Dear Milly

I am trying to answer your letter at last I dont seems to find much time. I am glad the Armistice is signed at last by Germany our last great foe. they have all crumbled to the dust at last. what a blessing for us all God has been merciful to us. what rejoicing in London after 11 am when it became known. I have put the front sheet of the Telegraph in so that you can read the turms & see them. Germany is pretty well crushed this time. all the great Empires broken up see what is come to Austria all their Kings dethroned. I hope God will give our Ministers strength and guidance to make a good and lasting peace. poor George if he could have lived to see this day poor boy. I hope he is better off out of all trouble and pain.

Well dear Mill how are you getting on, I hope you like your new house. I always thought the other too expensive for you. how do you all keep in health have you felt anymore of the rheumatism I hope not. you must be careful this winter what a blessing Teds health is got alright. I don't think I have told you George's heart was affected with his soldiering I think he over strained himself with the machine gun he belonged to the Machine gun Company what with the running and draging the gun in their drills out into the fields I expect he over did it. he went to a Specialist and he told him it was nothing serious only he must keep himself quiet. he had a fortnight's holiday but he is worked nearly to death so many of their men was taken for the war. I hope he will find it better soon now the war is practically over. tell Doris I have not forgotten her I will write to her soon how is Ethel is she still busy at the Bank it is nice she is so near home I hope the price of things will soon come down Bacon was 2/4 & 2/6 a lb cheese 1/8 a lb and mea nearly 2/- a lb when you can get it. it makes you look round to make both ends meet. I am doing a little Rent Collecting for Mr. Goodwin over twenty Houses nearly thirty it comes in very handy. I have collected them sometime now. [?] joins in love to all from us both.

From your loving father S. Huxter

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