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Date: December 1st 1915

Dear Mother

I have not received a letter from you for a long time. I hope nothing is wrong but I suppose it is the mails.

I received Mrs Henry's letter this morning and I was very glad to hear from her.

I am getting on fine here. I hope we are here till Xmas anyway. If I had my way I would stay till spring for I am in a nice home and "feather beds are better than dugouts" this weather.

I hear from Uncle and Grandpa regular now. They are all looking forward to me spending Xmas with them but I only hope for the best for I may be away from them. They are taking men from here every week now. If I have anything to do with it I'll stay.

I do not know what to say now. Everything's about the same here. Oh, I was reading in the paper about a meeting of peace-cranks. It was to be held in the Memorial Hall. It was about to start but a lot of wounded Colonial soldiers including a good bunch of Canadians took charge. They through out the speakers etc. tore up their banners and turned it into a recruiting meeting. That shows what a British soldier thinks of peace now. The only way to get peace is to put the Germans down and out.
I see that Winston Churchill is in the trenches as a Major. He has got down to it right.

Well I think that is all I can say now. I cannot write good unless I have a letter to answer. Give my love to Father and the kids and I will say goodbye with lots of love from

Your loving son

P.S. I do not remember if I sent a letter this week or not. Have you gone to Lanigan yet? I am sending this to Melfort anyways.

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