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Date: May 15th 1900

Rose and myself table orderlies. Fire alarm rung to give us practice. Boxing match on today. Stewart of the R.S. knocked out with a right hand swing on the jaw. Concert in the evening Captain of Assaye as chairman. Some good singers. Serg't Bertran S.H. sang "The Pardon came too late" Passed through Madeira Islands. Saw several little fishing boats. Saw a Light House on Portuguese Island. Weather has been much the same ever since left Winnipeg. Rather cloudy and getting a little warmer. Between 8 & 9 P.M. the Dipper is in same place as at daylight in Manitoba. Moon looks to be full. Raising very bright over the water. When we were leaving London two Scotchmen were talking to me about the Post Cards that the Missionary society were giving to the boys. One of them said "I say will they not think we are getting a bit oly when they see that."