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Date: May 11th 1900

Arrived in London at Royal Albert Docks at 2:30 A.M. Went on S.S. Assaye. Had lunch and then walked around dock with policeman till 6 A.M. 1400 troops loaded. We gave Lord Strathcona 3 cheers and he addressed us and shook hands all round. Raised anchor at 12 o'clock and moved out though locks. Very good quarters by ourselves. Wash our own dishes, sleep in hammocks. Country beautiful and green. Representatives from nearly every county in British Isles. Strathcona Horse larger men than British Islanders. Fine large ship makes 15 knots an hr. Belongs to P.& O. Line. 7 P.M. going through the St. of Dover. See the masts of a sunken ship.