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Date: July 25th 1898

Camp Geo. H. Thomas 7/25
Dear Sister -

Your letter of 7/16 came a few days ago and I
was waiting to see if you would not answer my last as you aught of had it by the time you mailed the one of the 16 the day yours arrived I expected to be on the way to Porta Rico but to day I think I am as near it as when I was a boy. I think with what has left for there allready will be enough to subdue that place and I think they will hold us here now till fall so we can help to take Havana. I went over to the Rough Riders yesterday and saw Cap Gregory he is Cap of Troop "G" I knew him as soon as I heard him speak he is so much like Mrs F and he is a Gentleman too He was verry glad to see me and shook hands with me which is a unpardnable sin for an officer to do to a private he said that they got orders to be ready to go to the first ones on this P. Rico expedition and then got orders annuling them. He says it does not matter as to the proficiencys of the soldiers that go it is the Political pull of the officers have which is right he also told me to rember him to his sister. Cap Tear of our Co called me to his tent the other night and asked me a few questions concerning the handling of men and then told me that he was thinking about giving me some stripes as there is going to be a vacency shortly I do not mean on the body but on my clothing to donate the rank of an officer the pay will be about $2.00 per more than a private but it is not pay we look at in the army it is the honor it is not for my military knoledge I dont think but my phisical ability and fine phisique See and being a verry obident soldier and have not yet been punished for anything which verry few can say in our Regt you asked me how I was faring well when I was suffering from the sore foot it took me down a good deal one of the hospital stewards remarked yesterday that I looked a good deal differant than I did when he was attending my foot he said he thought I was going to Keel over 1m not as fat as I was when I left but am gaining every day and feeling in the best of health Billy Mos may have got fatter but I doupt it Koors is in Co "C" I know him well there is an officer from the red + society hear there is 4 men from each Co detailed to learn to carry wounded men out of the line of battle where the Drs can get to them and to tie on bandages I am detailed as leader of our 4 men no one is allowed to leave the ranks but us we are designated by red bandages around our arm. Dave Kemp is let go I think there was a little spite work on Major Bidwells part there has been 4 or 5 punished for the same offence but none of them as hard as his. It was always my luck not to be around when Gallagher was taken those pictures for the Dul people but if I ever get out of this Army I am going to join some living picture show or some Teablore concern I am getting so proficient in standing like a statue it is nothing for me to stand for 11 or 8 minutes without breathing or blinking an eye or even twisting my nose In the street pictures I sent you I am the 13th person in it Tommy 0 is on my right and Jim Eaton on my left I intended to send you the names of them all but forgot it I sent Mrs B a card with some pictures on which I think aught to be verry approprate for a young lady. I got a letter from Alma Saturday and will answer as soon as I can get some stamps it poured rain yesterday and I was in it and my stamps all got spoiled and I am Broke I have no more news why dont you tell the truth and say that you cant read my writing in place of harping at your own with love to Mother and Yourself I am Your loving brother


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