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Date: May 18th 1944
Patricia Duncan - (daughter)
Robert Duncan

[A single message was written across two postcards. Photographs on front sides of postcards captioned: “CHARLTON, CANTERBURY. OLD PALACE AND CATHEDRAL, CANTERBURY.” and “DOVER. The Castle. East Cliff. Shakespeare Cliff. River.”]

C97269 – Sgt. Duncan R.J. – C.P.C.
Cdn Army O/S
Thurs. 18 May 44

Hello My Little Sweetheart,

I have not received a letter from you lately but I dare say you will be writing to me soon now as it will soon be holiday time again. Then you can tell me how things have gone with you in the exams.

Of course there are other things I want to know too. How about it now Honey.

You will notice by the cards, your Daddy uses his free days to get around and see a bit of old England.

All My Love as Always is for My Two Forget-Me-Nots, You and Mother.
X Daddy X

Original Scans

Original Scans