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Date: November 15th 1944
Evelyn Gill - (Leslie & Wanda Gill's daughter)
Marjorie Harrison - (Wanda Gill's sister)

33 High St.
Nov. 15.

My dear little Goddaughter –

At least your Daddy asked me to be your Godmother, so altho’ your Mummy hasn’t said so, I guess its O.K. to call you that. I am so glad you have arrived safely and know how pleased mummy must be. Daddy phoned me on Monday night to know if I had heard of your arrival, as he had not, and he was very worried aver you and Mummy, but I guess he got Granny’s telegram on Tuesday too, so is quite happy now. I am sorry I wont be at your christening, Baby dear, but I hope to see you as soon after the war is over as possible. Tell Mummy that Daddy wont take the $25.00 (he’s afraid of spending it!) so as soon as I am quite sure of what your name is going to be, I shall buy you a Victory Bond with it. Daddy thought that would be a good idea, tell Mummy.

How is Granny? I expect she will spoil you!

Betsy would love to take you out in your pram and I hope she will be able to one day not too distant. I wrote to Dave and told him he had a new little girl cousin, and also to your Great aunt Marie.

Now I must stop. Love to Mummy and Granny and lots to you.

Your Affec. Auntie

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Original Scans