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Date: August 1st 1941
Mrs. Guttormsson
Carl Henneberg

1st Aug 1941.

Dear Mrs Guttormsson —

Thanks for your letter, which arrived last week, exactly one month in transit, but which nevertheless missed the tin fishes.

I am very grateful to you for filing my income-tax forms. I have written the bank to determine the interest paid on my account, and when this is received, I will write to the Tax Office in Winnipeg to straighten up with them. The interest is probably the only other item to add on, army pay is not included.

You will probably have completed your motor trip to the Coast by the time this letter reaches Flin Flon. I should like to motor through the Rockies, they looked interesting from the air.

Tell Peter that several of the parcels (papers and magazines) arrived and were greatly appreciated. There is no comparison between the American and English magazines, even allowing liberally for the restrictions imposed here because of war. I am glad he had the opportunity to attend the Canadian Medical in Winnipeg. We have a medical and surgical conflab here every week and they are most useful. The large percentage of our work is more or less routine – hernias, appendices, haemorrhoids, varicose veins etc. but with the volume there are always several more rare conditions which add considerable to one’s diagnostic ability. I have learned many new wrinkles which will be very useful in general practice.

We have had a quiet summer in so far as airraids are concerned, but at any time now, as the nights are lengthening, we will undoubtedly have our nocturnal time of bombs, guns and sirens. It has been a God-send to the cities which have taken the brunt of it to have a breathing space. Of course no one knows whether Jerry will invade us or not, but I have a yen that he will be forced to, especially as Russia has turned out to be anything but a push-over. It is by no means impossible that we will be on the continent yet before the show is over.

We had a very fine concert by Beatrice Lillie (Lady Peel) last month. She is quite as good on the stage as in pictures. Quentin Reynolds (of “Are You Listening Dr Goebbels” fame) gave us a very interesting address shortly after his broadcast.

12 August.
I started this letter the evening before I went on leave, was interrupted and intended to finish it on the train. However, running true to form there was no pen exercise on the holiday.

I went down to Torquay in Devon, but due to difficulty in finding accommodation, returned to London. Devon is beautiful and Torquay is a very pretty city on the coast. But London still is second to none in my opinion and there was no regret in spending another week there. The stage shows are good, and the interesting places to visit are infinite. There were bigger crowds than before, due to the freedom from night raiders. I spent most of one day touring the stamp shops and parted with a few pounds for some nice specimens. I am becoming better acquainted with the lay-out of the city and can find my way around well, by walking, bus or tube. The tube system is easy to understand and are rather interesting for a stranger. Rationing makes it difficult to get many varieties of food, although there is actually no food shortage. Cigarettes, butter and sugar, are doled out very carefully. Meat and cheese have also been cut down considerably, of course, bananas and some other luxuries, are now only memories. Meals are the most expensive part of leave. God help anyone who ever mentions margarine to me again after this war.

Harvey, Cec Clark and Norm Elvin are all well. I told them you had sent regards. I believe that I mentioned previously that Harvey seems to be engaged to one of the nursing sisters, Adele Parker. They will make a fine pair.

Remember me to the family and Miss Peterson.

I will let you know about the income tax when it is complete, and again thanks for looking after the forms.

Tonight I am on surgical call, but so far it has been quiet so I will chance going to bed.

Yours sincerely,

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