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Dear Aunt

Just a few lines in answer to your letter i got the parcel of socks handkerchiefs and gloves you sent i thank you very much for them it must have cost you some time and trouble i appreciate you kindness but I think you work hard enough without straining your eyes at night knitting socks. i am glad you got the handkerchiefs all right i think everything i have sent has been received all right. i got your letter that you sent Christmas week i am glad to hear that you had a good time i also got the [?] you sent I cut Herbert's face out i think it was a real good picture i have it in my paybook. i was sorry to hear of you hurting yourself i hope you will soon be all right again. you say in your letter that i don't tell you much about myself well i am getting along as good as can be expected under the circumstances i have found out since i have been here that the best friend to have is jesus
i abide with me past fall the [?] the darkness deepens Lord with me abide when other helpers fail and comforts flee Oh thou who changes not abide with me.

Well I guess i'd better close now with best love from your loving Nephew William
Goodbye and God bless and keep you

George sent me a picture of little Goerge don't you think he is a fine boy