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Date: February 12th 1917
William Keith

Somewhere in France Feb 12 1917
Dear Elsie

I got your little letter about a week ago and sure was surprised to hear that you went East instead of west, but school teachers change their minds pretty fast sometimes. Well we are still having frosty weather but not much snow. It thawed a little yesterday but froze hard last night and hope it keeps frozen up for awhile longer for frost is better than rain here. They say that there hasn't been such a long cold spell in France for forty years, and it is a long way from being as cold here as it is in Canada and a fellow wouldn't feel it here if he could wear what he liked, but we're in the army now.
Well have you and Alex Mack come to an agreement yet? It would be nice to settle down among the poplars. eh? what do you think of the diehards on the poscard? I had a letter the other day saying I looked tired and worn out well. isn't there a reason? Some people must think this is a picnic and not a war and believe me there is going to be some more war this summer. The nine of us snipers are going to get a family group taken in our fighting togs and rifles after pay day, but don't look for one as I don't think I'll get more than one. had a parcel of candy from Sadie Mackinnon a few days ago. there were about twenty different kinds in it and sure was good. have you ever heard anything about Frank Evans? What is our Frank going to do? This is getting to be a question letter so I'll tell you something. I got a nice parcel of cigarettes, cigars and gum from a certain person in Regina, just a day before we went in the line, I didn't smoke the cigarettes, but (oh your cigarettes and gum. and I smoke a pipe once a day and sometimes two or three times. I can hear you bawling me out now, but we should worry. well it is dinner time and will have to eat. hoping this finds you well and having good luck in landing him soon.
From your little Brother Keith
No 104205
Pte W.K. Dornan

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