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Date: December 30th 1916
William Keith

Somewhere in France Dec 30th 1916

Dear Sister

Just a line to let you know it is your turn to write, what is the matter? are you sore at me? never mind this is near the New Year and I got your parcel on Christmas day and the gum is jake I am chewing to beat the cars right now, the other parcel of Eatons came when we were in the line and it was a good cake and the Sipadilla seed was good it shure made the little greys run. Well Xmas passed very quietly here, we are a few miles back of the line having a rest and just had everyday meals, but we all chiped in three francs and are having a feed tonight, and it is going to be good. had a parcel from Kathleen with a good book in it, intitled A Maid of the Silver sea, also some apples and a few other little things, I have read the book already and it is good. We are having wet, cold weather just now, it rains every day and most of the night, we have just had a little snow on two different days yet but am not anxious to see any more I would sooner have frost than the snow or rain. There is a rumor going around this morning that the snipers, scouts and a few more details are going back to their companys but I don't know what will come of it yet. Am sending you a picture that a sniper and I got taken a few days ago the other fellow went to hospital yesterday with rheumatism. My chum Dichie that used to work around [Pense?] got his leg broken last week, he was run over by a motor lorry and is well away for Blighty. have had two letters from Billie Moore since they got to England, and one from Dunk telling about the little girl. I wrote to Frank a few weeks ago but he won't answer for a month or two anyway. I wonder if he made the match all right the ring he had last winter must have been jake. Do you ever get any more letters from the Long Dark Form these wintery days. I know I'll get a bawling out in your next letters Is it taking your spare time to make it all out? She told me she was going to write to you so you don't want to think. I don't know. Cheer up the war will end someday. Well news and nonsence is scarce so will finish hoping this finds you well and in good humor
Write soon,
No 104205
Pte W.K. Dornan
5th Canadian Battalion

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