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Date: November 1918

November 1

Wrote several letters today, raining hard today

November 2

Massage and dressing every day, received two newspapers and several letters today

November 3

Pouring rain all day, nothing much doing today

November 4

Met Ben Robertson today, received letter from Mrs. Howell thanking me for information about Larry's death

November 5

Wrote letter to Bob, raining all day, got letter from Fred Morrison saying Cook, MacLean and Graham are wounded

November 6

Electric massage and dressing of red lotion twice a day for my wound, raining, got order from M.O. not to attend any parades

November 7

Clear day for a change, over to cinema in evening, very good show, German envoys reach Allied headquarters today

November 8

Over to cinema in evening, quite a number of returned prisoners are in the same as I am, prisoners since 1915 and worked in salt mines

November 9

Leg showing signs of improving, Harold Martin was killed in the big push, to cinema in evening, Germany in revolution, German envoy expected to sign armistice tomorrow

November 10

Kaiser and Crown Prince abdicate the throne, met Slim Watkins and Red Taylor, Roy Harty and Leslie Cline killed, leg doing well, wrote several letters today

November 11

Germans sign armistice this morning at 5:00 a.m. and surrender unconditionally, troops are cheering and nearly crazed with joy, raining hard, Canadians capture Mons

November 12

Fine day, went up to London in afternoon by train, streets crowded, everyone celebrating about Piccadilly Strand, Camberwell and Westminster by taxi, back to Epson at night, very tired and leg very sore, London sure is a gay city just now, the noise seems to get to my nerves for when I got wounded, the concussion shook my nerves a little

November 13

Nice warm day, played cards and rested, my wound is no worse for my trip yesterday, Crown Prince is assassinated by his own troops is the rumour

November 14

Massage today, weather clear and very cold at nights, bought a pair of soft shoes because the issue ones I have are hurting my heel, a fellow who used to sleep in the next bed to me in Canterbury cam in to see me

November 15

General Turner, GOC Canadians in England visited camp today and told us the Canadians were to go back to Canada very soon, some likely in a month, had my leg dressed in dressing station with ointment and it made my wound much worse

November 16

Loaned my watch to Sister Taylor for a while, heel very sore from wearing hard boots, fine warm day but frosty nights

November 17

Cold and clear today, cinema in evening, wrote several letters, Sister makes special trip up to the dressing ward to fix my wound on Sundays

November 18

Down to Epson tonight, went down in an ambulance and came back to camp in an ambulance

November 19

Had some special dressing put on my wound which hurts a great deal, went over to cinema in evening

November 20

Received a box of some apples from Mother and quite a number of letters, lecture over at YMCA on the revolution in Russia, Warren came in to see me, he makes me disgusted, very thick fog today

November 21

German submarines are being surrendered to British in bunches of twenty, their main battle fleet is to surrender tomorrow, at movie show in evening

November 24

Wound shows signs of healing up which tickles me pink, to the movie show in the evening, good show, have some great arguments with the draftees, raining tonight

November 25

Clear day, received quite a few letters from Canada today

November 26

Nothing unusual today, to the movie show in the evening

November 27

Received two parcels today, one of apples and another from the AYPA at Holy Trinity, played cards to pass the time, raining today

November 28

Massage inspection at 11:00 a.m., nearly got sent back to hospital because my wound is so slow healing up, have two pounds left and am wondering what I will do about Christmas

November 29

Movie show in evening, feeling much better now since I bought some pills with iron in them for my blood because my running wound weakens me

November 30

Fine sunny day, wrote a couple of letters and spun yarns in evening, to movie show also which was very good tonight