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Date: June 1917

June 1

Finished course on gun, drill in trenches, found out that pass was granted

June 2

Route march in morning, down to London in afternoon, theatre, walked through Hyde Park, midnight supper in classy hotel

June 3

Smashed wrist watch, King's birthday, slept at Buchingham Hotel behind palace, with Reub to Bromley, Kent to find his brother in hospital, through Hyde Park, back in camp at 10:15

June 4

Indirect and overhead firing practice, hot weather, digging trenches, hands blistered

June 5

Not much to eat today, route march at night, in camp at 1:15 a.m., setting and laying and laying gun at night

June 6

No breakfast this morning, issued shoes to wear to France, practice with range taking machine, lecture on sanitation

June 7

Digging trenches all day, lot of mail from home, nothing to do in evening but get equipment cleaned for tomorrow

June 8

Brother Bob's birthday, 18 years, wrote letter in evening, gun drill nearly all day

June 9

Route march in morning, feet scalded and sore, pass turned down

June 10

Church parade in morning, nothing to do the rest of the day except sleep and write letters

June 11

Overhead fire, walked to Crowborough and took watch to be fixed, pictures to be developed, bought supper

June 12

Routine work, night march and manoeuver, feeling fine and fine weather

June 13

Big air raid on London, no parade in morning, hard time getting dinner and bunch complained to O.C., paid tonight, drew money from P.O. bank

June 14

Routine work, told of getting pass next week, another air raid, got a new tunic yesterday

June 15

Walked to Crowborough and got watch from jeweller, very hot weather, also pictures which were developed, told of going on pass next week

June 16

No route march this morning, camp sports today, very hot day, down to Crowborough again

June 17

Church parade in morning, down to football field, hottest day since coming over, wrote letter home

June 18

Very easy day, paid one pound to go on pass, two fellows paid what they owed, wish the others would

June 19

More fellows went on pass, told of draft going to France and was put on it but taken off again because of my transfer to Motor M.G., some volunteers

June 20

Breakfast 5:30, leave Crowborough 8:10, London 11:30, Hyde Park in afternoon, rode in taxi, supper at Maple Leaf Club, left for Scotland at 11:30

June 21

No sleep at all last night, dinner at Grand Hotel, fine meal, visited museum, theatre in afternoon, raining hard all day, walked around town in evening, slept at YMCA

June 22

Caught 9;15 train from St. Enoch station, back in London at 7:40, had nice trip down with some other pals of mine, lunch, walked around Hyde Park

June 23

Woke up at 10:00, breakfast up town, along Regent Street and Oxford Street, dinner at Club, picnic in afternoon in Wembley Park, dancing in the green, supper up town at 10:00, in bed at 12:00

June 24

Walked up and around Albert Memorial Statue, didn't see Scottie in afternoon, through Kensington Gardens in afternoon, with Kineer at night at Trafalger Square

June 25

Enquired time of trains leaving, theatre in afternoon, supper at Lyons, on Strand, caught taxi back to club, took taxi to see Whitley's store, left for camp at 8:05 p.m.

June 26

Issued new shoes, nothing much to do today, wrote letters, cold today, nearly froze in bed last night, received telegram

June 27

Transferred to No. 5 Coy, today, inspections of kit, nothing much to do today

June 28

Firing MGs today, started to put blanco on equipment, raining hard and cold, wrote letters home

June 29

Route march this morning, raining hard again, concert in YMCA, fairly easy work for last three days

June 30

Had midnight passed turned down, route march this morning, to Crowborough in afternoon, very sick tonight