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Date: March 1917

March 1

Started on Lewis gun course again, paid today, bought kodak, was to see Alice, played cards all evening

March 2

Was to Lyric at night with Russ and fellows, met Alice going in as I came out, took Shorty's picture

March 3

Route march today, fine day, Thistle in afternoon, arena at night, in at 10:00 o'clock

March 4

Home all day, called on A.N., quiet evening, started to snow

March 5

Cold, piquet tonight, did not go out

March 6

Dance at Oddfellows, took Alice with me, wore Bob's clothes, fine time, back in barracks at 3:00 a.m.

March 7

firing Lewis MG at ranges, route march today, carried MG, Brigade marched through city, up to Wilsons in evening, played 500

March 8

Got teeth fixed, down to arena with Art Evans, fine time

March 9

Ran into Brownie in evening, walked about town in evening

March 10

Lyric matinee with bunch, joy ride to Grimsby and caught 6:45 car, Lyric again at night with Alice, raining hard

March 11

Big church parade, stung Brownie on date at Grimsby, home all day and evening

March 12

Started on bombing course, fine day, just walked up town with Russ and back again early and played cards

March 13

Down to arena, fine time, midnight

March 14

Bombing all day, raining, home at night

March 15

Down to arena, good friends, with Brownie again, no midnight

March 16

Revolution in Russia, bombing all day, Irish parade of autos, walked up town and back, in at 9:30

March 17

Finished bombing, told of draft going next week but got no pass, got ride in a big limousine up town

March 18

Home today, bad cold, home at night

March 19

Home Monday night, Aunt Ellen visiting Mother

March 20

Dance at Oddfellows with Alice, good time, said good bye to her

March 21

Home tonight, Will and Minnie, Aunt Ellen, Emily and Bob were there, said good bye to Mrs. Sparham

March 22

Arms inspected this morning at 6:30, said good bye to Mother and friends, left train for Halifax at 5:00, slept all night but was sore when woke up

March 23

God fed in dining car, fine meals, Montreal at 9:00, went for march up town, saw the big bridge, on guard duty, level country

March 24

Stopped at Riviere du Loup, raining, walked up town, pretty churches in every village, great time asking or talking to French, very few understand English, pretty scenery and getting hilly, river St. Lawrence

March 25

Slept all night with shoes on, saw internment camp at Amherst, N.S., when we arrived at Moncton city band welcomed us and marched up town

March 26

Arrived in Halifax 12:30, saw ships in harbour, stayed in train all day, went on board at night, S.S. Saxonia

March 27

Stayed in Halifax harbour all day and night, ship is crowed, great trouble at mess time, raining and cold all day

March 28

Left Halifax in evening at 5:30, 4 transports of us, cleared up, nice night, slept well all night

March 29

Good many sea sick, a bit seedy myself, all ships close together, fine day

March 30

Fine day, lay down on deck nearly all day, feeling fine but lazy, saw whale, buried steward who committed suicide

March 31

Fine day, seas a little higher, ships practice with their guns, concert in mess room, on mess fatigue every morning