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Date: October 17th 1917

Bordon Camp,
October 17, 1916
Dear Herb,
Received your letter of October 1st and was pleased to hear from you. I had wondered why I did not hear from you but it takes such a long time for a letter to get over to Canada and back. I got Archie and Ron's address from a fellow I know who is in the hospital with Ron and have written to them. We are now up at this camp and expect to go back to Bramshott next Friday. We are working on the rifle ranges at Longmoore for the 120th and 119th Battalions and it sure is some cinch. All we do is signal back from the butte to the firing party the scores they get and then pull the targets down and paste the holes up. Half of our Battalion have gone to the front but I guess it will be some time before we will go as we have to go to the ranges ourselves to shoot. This certainly is some camp. All conveniences in the huts - iron beds, electric lights, wash basins, etc. and I will be sorry when we have to go back to Bramshott Camp. There is a swell little town 5 minutes walk from the camp with a picture show and a kind of a circus like over at the Island where you throw balls, etc. and we are having a pretty fine time here. I sure would like to be over there with you to take those Sunday morning rides out fishing. The last weekend I had I was up to Bedford and my cousin and I went shooting ducks on the River Sunday morning and we got about a dozen birds and there certainly were lots more to shoot but we did not have the time. He and I sure did have some time in London that night down in the Leicester Lounge and Cafe de Europe. All kinds of Jones but give me good old Toronto and that motorcycle of Percy's. Well Herb I will close for now and best regards to the wife and Ray.
From your friend, George
PS I do not know if you can make this out but I did not bring any ink up with me.