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Date: October 6th 1916

Cardiff, Wales
Oct. 6, 1916
Dear Sister,
I suppose you heard I was wounded. Well I am but am getting on fine. All I have to do now is write letters and talk to visitors. Gee, it certainly is some life. I can tell these visitors something about war and all they say is it must be terrible. Well I got square with Fritz anyway. He may have got Uncle Willie and wounded me and Ron but there is a row of wooden crosses someplace which the old machine gun accounted for. Just imagine Fritz coming across No Man's Land in massed formation and me with a machine gun firing 600 rounds a minute. The only fault with it was they didn't come fast enough. One machine gun can fire enough bullets in one hour to wipe out the whole Canadian army but it's a suicide job to run one cause Fritz gets after machine gunners always first. Well I hope the war is a thing of the past for me. I certainly have done my little bit but not as much as some fellows who have done over 2 years of it but 3 months is enough for anyone cause it don't matter how strong he is it will pull him down. If I told you I was 15 days in action in the Ypres fight when it rained every day and I was soaked through with no sleep you wouldn't believe it. Well we went into action in Reserve for Sanctuary Wood on May 14th and done 8 days in Reserve. That is working parties such as carrying out wounded, burying dead, and building trenches. Then we went in Support 4 days in Sanctuary Wood 100 yards behind front line where we only worked at night. Then we went into front line where we stood to night and day but I was on listening post half way between our line and Fritz's. It is so as when it is dark at night they could crawl over and bomb us without us knowing until a bunch would be killed. I never did like shooting Germans but I certainly liked pushing my fist in their jaw. Well I have been nearly half way round the world; it certainly has been some trip but too exciting! I must close this time.
Your affectionate brother Cpl. MacKinnon #3 Western General Hospital, Splott Rd., Cardiff, Wales
PS. How is Ray? I want you to send me 2 soft collars and a bright red tie. I wouldn't want you to send them but I can't draw pay in hospital.