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Date: April 28th 1918

April 28/18

Amhurst. N.S.
No 10 Draft 1st Depot Battn

Dear Mother

We are now stationed at Amhurst. we thought we were going straight through but we are side tracked there we are in a building that was used formerly for manufacturing Arrow Automobiles it is 4 storeys high and we are all on the top floor so you can guess what size it is. The town is not up to much. There isn't half as much business as in nanaimo although the town is about the same size. There are 2 munitions factories and a couple of other mills. The country around is as flat as a pancake most of it is diked land the bay of Fundy is about 30 miles away. That is where the big [cistern?] is so the land has to be diked or it wouldn't be any good. The trip over was good but it was awful slow. We were 7 days and 7 nights in the train. That is pretty slow time we were all glad to get out. Last night was Saturday night and we all had general leave till 11 o'clock but there was no where to go. Only two movie shows. There were lots of people around but I suppose they come and to look at the soldiers. We got quiet a write up in the local paper. It said we were just as intelligent as volunteers and took up military work quickly. I am in the sam bunk with Cliff Pearson, Dudley, and Bobby Williams a brake from Kamloops he used to go with the gill girl. Dudley & I have lots of fun leaving them they both have their girls pictures in their hats and we never give them any rest. The artillary are hear to. Tommy Russel from north-field with it. [?] [?] hear but [?] he was left behind his vaccination went bad and his arm was so sore he had to go to the hospital in Vancouver. He unlucky is lucky! Our quarters are pretty good the bunks are built in 4's two upper and two lower and [?] rows. The grub is'snt up to much. Breakfast yesterday was [rare?] boiled dry potatoes with skins on dry bread and coffee with out milk. Cold water to wash the mess cans in. This morning it was one piece bacon some [jam?] cheese and margarine. And they told us we were getting more than the rations called for. The First day we were hear the toilets were not fixed. The put guards on them. Just imagine 700 men with no place to go. It's a good job there are lots of bushes handy. The old story of dads about (the back o the Dyke) would be all right hear. We arrived at about 8 o'clock Friday night and had to sleep all night on the train we were all packed up and had to dig all our stuff out again about 13 o'clock we got to bed. we were just in bed a while when a Rooster crowed in a coop along side the train Frank [Deconic?] shouted out says boys there's a [western?] rooster he is 4 hours behind time. I am all dressed up now and we have at least till ten thirty tonight. Dudley and I are going up town after dinner it is a quarter after five now so I will have to treak off. Hope everything is well at home I am fine myself. I don't know how long I will be hear but if you write whenever you get this I might get it give my love to all. How is Sonny? I will write to him soon and you get all my PostCards I wrote every day on the train to let you know where I was at. My address will be

Pte John H Robertson # 2022192
No 10 Draft 1st Depot Battn
Amherst N.S

Well the call is out for dinner so I'd best to go and eat. so tata for the present


write soon.

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Original Scans