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Date: March 10th 1914

Edmonton, Mar 10, 1914

Dear Brother,

Received your two letters, also a letter from Jean this morning which I was glad to receive.

It is a little hard for me to write just now. I sprained my wrist playing hockey a week ago and I just took the bandage off. It is coming around all right now but a little weak just yet.

We have nothing but spring weather here now. It hardly freezes at nights. I suppose that fever is a little more contagious then the small pox was. I haven't seen Tom Wilson or Darcy since Christmas. I guess they are up the country. Say, isn't Clark's keeping store in Lakeside yet? What happened them? You were asking about Lewis Bros. I guess they would like to see out, their business is rotten for the expense they have.

Ray Connors and I were bathing on 24th street last fall, for three months. He was sick most of the time and we got him to go on the hospital just before Christmas. He was only in four weeks when he died. Doc Burrell and I used to go and see him every other day. We had to raise money for funeral expenses, you can imagine the time we had the way money is. His mother lives in Frisco. We hear from her quite often inquiring all about him. I don't suppose Capt. Ross will have any easy time in forming a company down there. Ontario had got a tough name out here for getting recruits. It is buzzing around here that we are leaving here next week for some pace but no body knows where. The Colonel got a message to be ready to leave on twenty four hours notice. It will be some other place in this country from what we can hear. We will be glad to have a change.

The 41st Battalion has moved in also. They are quartered in the cattle barns on the other side of the grounds. We are away ahead in the drills to what they are. There is rivalry between the two Colonels to get their men in shape first. We have a big lead. We hive thirty piece brass band, pipers band and bugle band, so you see we have lots of music and this sure helps when you are on a long march. I head we are due for a route march to the Fort on Friday. You know what that means.

We are fully equipped now, and the total weight is sixty pounds to carry about enough. Sunday is visitors day, about all the city move around giving us the once over, our bunks seems to attract them the most. We had a church parade last Sunday to the different churches. The YMCA has a building open to the Sunday services, and concerts through the week, a number of League Ladies put on a very nice play one evening. We also got a moving picture theatre on the grounds called Tipperary theatre.

Leo is canoassing for a Fhotographer now and doing a good business. I guess I will have my Foto taken, and mail you people some as soon as I get them. Red's address is Gen. Delivery Frisco.

Say have you got a Preacher and Doctor in town yet, and the same business men? Give Fagan my best regards. I suppose he still runs open house.
How is Bell Forbes getting along in her marrieds life? Any better than she did at the start. Where does Mrs. Forbes stay now? Is Percy home now? With all that available help you will be able to keep the snow shoveled which is a steady job in that country. I don't suppose the war has any affect on the chopping business. Have you got Blondie yet?

Remember me to Mrs. Kerr, and tell her to write me a line. I don't suppose Andre would get jealous. Barrish (Jim) got discharged being medically unfit. They are certainly doing some weeding out around here, new recruits coming in every day. We also have a doctors examination ever week so you can imagine how strict they are. Well, I think I don't pretty well for this time. Oh, Jean sent me a letter of Berts, which was quite newsy. She mentioned Jean Sutherland. What was she trying for.

We will know more about getting leave to home later, after our next move. I certainly would enjoy a few days around the old burg, but not to live there. I don't think.

Well, I got to write Jean, Jim, Tom and a few more and I would just as soon go to the guard house for a couple days.

I will enclose you some poetry, by a forty niner, and it is quite true.

Where is C. Murray having heard of him for some time. You had better answer this as soon as possible and the same address. Give me all the news especially all the scandal.

Love to All,