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Received your card a few days ago, also have been receiving your little books of readings. Thanks for sending them, enjoy them very much.

Well how is the old town? I suppose it has changed quite a bit since I left it last. I guess a lot of the old gang have left for the services. It seems ages since I was there last, so much has happened since then. I am still with the same old squadron and it is a grand one, a swell bunch of fellows, we are quite a happy family together. Of course there are ups and downs, but such is war. We are practically all Canadian and it contains fellows from all parts of Canada.

I haven't seen Fred Craig for quite some time. He is a ground instructor now after finishing his flying, or he was the last time I saw him.

We have a little excitement sometimes when Jerry tries to annoy us, but you get used to it, so don't worry much.

I also got lost in the fog the other night coming home on my bicycle. Boy it gets thick sometimes. I remember one time in London I had an awful hard time to find my way down the street in daylight. I was on leave a week or so ago and spent it in Scotland. Had a grand time. We go into .... sometimes in the evenings to see a good show. I like .... but it is a bit high-hatted. I haven't been in that town since last summer.

Right now it is nice to get around the fire in the evenings and read or write letters. Our living accommodation is quite good, and the food is not bad considering the war and all. We have quite a few radios, in fact most of the huts have one, and I have on in my office. We get the American station ere and they have all the good old programmes that we had back home, Charlie McCarthy and all.

We are doing lots of work and the boys will work night and day if you ask them, sometimes its hard but we all figure the more we work, the sooner we will get home and the sooner the better.

Here's hoping this finds you in the best of healthy and I hope to see you all before long.