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L106508 Pte J.L. Dureault

#4 Repot Depot A Wing

Cdn Army Eng.

Dearest Sis. "Nish",

Hi there Sis just received your most welcome letter and believe me was I ever pleased to get a letter. Yes, Nish when I get home we'll sure make up for lost time you can be so very sure of that. I am in the very best hopes of hearing about that application inside these next two weeks that's giving it time.

Yes, Denise I can imagine that I'll see some change in the Dearest family when I get back.

I can also quite imagine that both Dad & Mother have a hundred & one thing in mind to do form me when I bet back also all My Sis's & Bro. I just can't wait to get back it seem's so very long ago since I've been home. I'm sure curious about that surprise they have for me I suppose that I'l be imagining a hundred & one things & most probly will gess wrong.

I also quite believe that Lorraine got to be a nice girl as she was always's rather attractive like, to my opinion I'm glad Emilda is really devoted in the house work as she'd never in her life ever regret it. So Geo is just a second Louis poor kid he's got a lot to put up with it don't you think so? I can see Geor. Working in a café I'd love to give him an order he has always been kind of a character hasn't he?! I'm also glad to hear that Carmelle & Maxine have not for gotten what there big ugly brother look's like. I can just see little Maxine sitting down on that chair telling you that I'm her boy-friend & if Dad is spoilling her she'd be getting double spoil when I get home I really think she's just a little darling,

There is still one thing that I cant seem to put in my mind that I've got a little nefew to go back to & also a Brotherin law its' really hard for me to believe "Nish" I just cant seem to put my mind to it, its funny but never the less true.

Well as for my-self am not doing I think I'm rather saving myself for that big day when I get off that train in Wolseley do you blame me?!! I've just finish't pressing my uniform & that's quite a job can you see me doing all that stuff? I even laugh at myself, but I alway's do a good job & alway's try to keep as clean has it is possible I seem to say to myself well it Dad & Mother or thefamily saw me they wouldn't be ashame of me.

Well as there is really no more for me to talk about I think I'l goodnight for tonite & turn in to bed.

From your Bro who is always's thinking of you at home all my best wishes re with you by and my love & kisses as ever Old Buck.

Cheers for now & May God bless you & also bring me back home to all of you real soon.