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Date: March 26th 1945

R.W.C.H. C.A.O

Mar. 26/ 45

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & old Duke;

Here I am once more just received a swell letter from Dad today and sure was glad to hear from you as I was very anxious to hear how Mother was. I'm glad that she is feeling a bit better, please be careful Mother.

Well Dad, that Nanny show that I was talking about isn't a film it's the Cdn in the Navy that play in it and I've heard that it is so good that Hollywood is going to make a movie out of it so you can judge by that, that it was really good. Well the weather here is pretty damp lately especially today raining like heck. My leg is feeling much better in fact I can't kick at all on it I can walk a lot better now and a little more practice and I'll be able to walk like I use to again so that's really good. Well, I do pray that Paul will be able to have that job of hauling that sulpher as by the sound of thing's it really will pay well. The news's sure sounds good now the boy's are all betting that she'll be one by the end of May or the beginning or by the end of June so let's keep our finger's crossed. So Duke is going to build a hole in the ground when I was in action well you know how tall I am well I had to dig my hole 4 ½ feet deeper and two wide and believe me it or not when them shell's came whistling by little Louis really aligned and how it took me an hour to dig so you can be sure I wasn't leaning on the shovel to often you could really see the dirt fly there all the boy's digging for all they were worth.

Well room is getting kind of scarce on this paper so I'll sign off for tonight. Wishing this letter reaches you all in the very best of health and may God Bless you.

From you Son and Bro who loves you all an awful lot and let's pray hard that this War is over real soon. So Cheerio for now dear ones and keep those chin's up and smile.

All my love and kisses.

Buck, Cheerio for now.