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Date: August 16th 1944

L106508 Pte J.L.Dureault Somewhere in France

Bn.HQ Coy August 16/44

S.S. RegT. C.A.O.

Dear Dad Mother Bro and Sis,

Well here I am at last to write a few more words to tell you that I am fine and raring to go as always. I wrote to Denise the other day hope she gets it okay. I have not had any letter's from you but I hope to get some soon. I got a letter from Jerry which was written on the 13th so your letters should be coming through only time now (I hope?)

Well Dad, how are you feeling fine I hope and not working to hard are you? Make sure you keep real good care of yourself, eh! I guess you'll be busy at the elevator now, eh? Well Dad please take it easy eh! Well Mother, Old Dear how are you? I hope you are also taking it easy and not doing to much in other words don't over do it Mum like you always did. I suppose you've got the new house all fixed up by now, 3h? Well take real good care of yourself. Hello Blanche how's the big Sis. Fine I hope and not working to hard are you? Say Hello to Paul for me and tell him I always hoping that he is being a good boy too ha ah! Hello to Phyllis for me and the rest of them. Hello Lorraine, Emilda and how are you girls feeling. I suppose raring to go too often eh? Well be good girls and do the best you can to help Mum, eh? And leave the boy's alone ha ha! Hello George how's my little brother doing anything new I guess your Holidays are nearly one with eh? Well do all you can to help eh! And your big brother thinks of you. Keep care of Rex for me.

Carmelle, how's the little girl be good eh! Many of kisses to you Maxine thousands and million of kisses to you.

Well folk's I have no news's what's so ever that I can tell you I'm doing fine and at the present moment were in a house most of the time though were in holes in the ground and boy a fellow sure don't mind staying in them. Say hello to Duke and Grandmother and also Ant's and Uncles the other day I may go to church so I can have communion and I know you'll go to church too. I know you'll fine my letters boring but we can't write anything else about what's going on but I'm fine and have been told I've done a good job. So I'll call it quits for now hoping this letters fines you and all in the best of health and loads of luck to you all.

Your loving son who is always thinking of you

And hope to hear from you real soon.

Love and kisses to all Buck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx