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Date: September 14th 1945
Blanche, Paul, Dennis

Sept 14/1945

2205 McIntyre Street

Regina, Sask.

Hello Louis Dear: - Gosh here is slow but sure honestly at writing to you. I feel so terrible Louis, but you can rest assure I'm forever thinking of you each day, and I'm only saying prayers with the greatest devotions that you'll be home with us real soon so dear bother even thought I'm terrible for not writing there still is a place in my heart. One of the main reason I've put off writing is I' thought you'd be on your way long before this, I guess that is a poor > to look at it, if I remember right on you're last letter you asked for a picture of the baby, we did take some but they didn't turn out so well so I intend to have a studio picture of him when he can sit up which will likely be in a month time, he has deep blue eyes with long dark eye lashes, his hair ws on the fair side but are getting darker I think they will curl. He's a very long baby and has a lot of fat that's is he's solid. He'll be like his dad or perhaps like his uncle Louis. Heh! Anyway I'll sure get a photo of him for you when I was at home dad sure spoilt him calls him his lttle mand and he sure knows Dad and Mom she wants me to leave it at home, says I can't take care of him, he means to much to me to leave him anywhere even thought I love all my family so much well that is enough for now as for Paul and I are in the best of health and so very happy, he is real good to me, just like Dad is to mother and you know we have the best home in the world, I thank God everyday for having given him as a partner for life we are having a tough time of the present to have both ends meet we fall in debts from the very start and with all these expenses when the twins were born didn't bring as anywhere even though God pared us one of the beautiful babies, the only way to look at it is make the best we can and someday we may get a break. Pauls work keep him away all week, but he manages to come home every week and so I sure look forward to them I'm still in a one room, all furnished, my room is next to the land lady's and honestly she's so good to me, to night while I ran over to see Denise for a few minutes while Dennis was sleeping I'd left my dishes on the table to when I got back, here she had washed them all, I just sat down and bawled, she's so much like a mother to me, and does she ever poilt Dennis, takes him and rocks him in the evenins I sue the sing in her kitchen also her stove, so I'm sure I wont' unless we get a house, and by the looks of thins well never get one in Reg. it even getting worse, people sleeping in park benches or cars, if Paul can only get a truck that is is we can save enough. Cool to have get one; I will stay in a small town and he'll be able to come home whenever he can, if we can only get our foot on something will be alright, but will just have to make the best we can. Well my dear I want to write home yet so I will close for to-night hoping you are feeling find and not too lonesome so keep you're chin up and keep you're courage, bye for those that love you and are always thinking of you. Love Blanche, Paul and Dennis