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Date: October 27th 1944

L. 106508 Somewhere in England

Pte. J. L. Dureault

Oct 27/44 Friday

Roman Way Convalescent

Hosp W.G.C. C.A.O.

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis;

Well here I am again very very pleased today as I have just received a letter from Tuck and Helen Sauderson and the one's who made me the most happy of all was the two letters from Dad sure glad to hear you are getting my mail. I'm getting my mail pretty good but no parcel or cig's as yet thanks for the Red Cross as they give four pks of cigs a week that is Cdn Cigs. So that sure helps I also bought 300 from a fellow here who never got any for a long time and they all come at once so he had too many it cost me 18 shillings can you make it out well ten shilling is $2.26 so you can see they were dear but you pay 2 & 6 for 20 cigs here is 75 cents of our money so there really dear as old hell, eh! But my cig's are bound to come sooner or later in any case. I never give up hopes in France we got all our smokes free and plenty of them to which we needed.

Well, I am doing pretty fair still at the dirt old treatments don't know what's what yet. I'm almost perfect sure I'll be in A 1 shape soon and back at it again they'll pay for this ha! Ha!. Helen Sanderson sure gave a very nice opinion of Blanche said that she was one of the best and that Paul was a very lucky guy which I believe. Well, I sure hope everybody at home is in the best of health and no body working to hard. Give my best regard's to Duke and Grandmother and all Uncle and Ants. Sorry to hear of Andre Lavradeire was killed but God has a plan for all of us and when that time comes no matter where you are you have to go when he calls you. I was never scared of dieing so I was always ready for it if God should wish it to be that way but he has spared for you all so lets keep on praying hard that this is over soon so we can all go back home again. Am glad to hear that Mother and Dad are feeling better than they did it was nice to hear swell news like that. Am glad to see the reports of our farm so good. It will help a lot in many occasions, eh! Well as room is getting kind of short I'll sign off for tonight wiching you all the very best of Health and all the luck in the world. I often think of you and will think that much more on the 6 November if possible will go to Communion that morning in Blanche's interest so as she'll always be happy and tell her when Louis n goes home he'll have a good place to go and eat some great food, I hope, ha! Ha!.

Your Son & Bro xxxxxxxxxx Buck.